Né le 21 Décembre au Caire, Shaker a commencé à jouer du piano depuis sa tendre enfance sous l'insistance de sa mère qui faisait office d'agent pour son très jeune garçon. Après le lycée, il entre dans le prestigieux conservatoire du Caire où il étudie la musique en profondeur, désireux de savoir tout de cet univers qui est déjà toute sa vie. Décédé malheureusement en , Hani Shaker se dit toujours influencé par ce grand homme au talent immortel. Nombreux sont les chansons à succès que Hani Shaker produisit durant les années Hani Shaker participe en à un concert évènement au Liban.

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Hany Shaker is famous for the title of Prince of Arabic singing. Exceeded the number of songs the artist Hani Shaker more than songs since its launch at the moment where he became the top sits the most Arab artist in terms of the number of songs. Latest album of the artist Hani Shakir was released in entitled Habibi my life.. Photo Album. The album achieved high sales rate.. It is noted that previous albums were produced by private companies canceled Hani Shaker its contracts with them because of the marketing ad for the album last he decided production at his own expense and then decline in albums urethrae nights and a contract with High Quality and returned in his latest album to the company the art world and its owner Muhsin Jaber.

Hani Shaker artist combining euphony sheet of feeling and sincerity of the performance of which his family to be the biggest star on one Arabic song managed to embody all the singing of the joy of human love and pain, but in his own way.

It is noted that previous albums were produced by private companies canceled Married to Mrs. Nahla success in , and has them: a girl "our" born in Born and "Sheriff" was born in Is the second brother for each: the elder brother Dr.

And the younger brother of Engineer Mohammed. And the father, Mr. Hany Shaker began his career young, and was the first entry in the art world in the film Sayed Darwish where he played as a child Mr. Darwish has been selected from among the dozens of boys. And then participated with Abdul Halim in the song open arms , where he was among the choir, first discovered the voice of Hani Shaker is the musician Mugi at the end of , where he sang his first song entitled Sweet O minimum , and is rumored that this song when he heard people on the radio that they thought a new song of the nightingale brown, secure talent from the artistic community, many of them: safe Shenawi, Prince Khaled, Shadia, Warda, Abdel-Halim himself.

Hani Shaker back in time when the adult in control of the permission Arab faced Hani Shaker in the beginnings of many rumors about his dispute with Nightingale brown. But it soon dissolved the misunderstanding created by the press where the meeting between them and even exceeded the two incidents: first, that Abdul Halim, the reform of the audio device in one of the concerts Hani Shaker and the second incident, he sang his song Keda still the O moon , and is this song is a song that Hani Shaker knew the public, the title of prince of the Arab Tarab, still holding the reins of surprising and still maintains a sense of balance is still insisting on respect for his art and respect for the public, which tracks and loves this Art.

Songs Hany Shaker several albums with great success the national songs, religious songs than the number of songs. This list Balbomath lyrics: Game Malish Habibi.. My life..


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