Copies only files for which the Archive attribute is set. Copies only files for which the Archive attribute is set, and resets the Archive attribute. Includes only files for which any of the specified attributes are set. Excludes files for which any of the specified attributes are set.

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Microsoft Robocopy is an advanced copy tool. Robocopy can also keep intact all the file properties including date and time, security access control lists ACLs and more while copying the file.

Microsoft Robocopy came built- in in Windows Vista and Windows 7 but as a command line utility. To ease up the task of using Robocopy for copying, a GUI graphical user interface version has been made available by Microsoft for download. It works well enough for simple tasks moving a document from one directory to another, and so on , but it lacks the advanced functionality. But if you use Microsoft Robocopy you will get an advanced copy utility with loads of advanced options.

These are all features you can certainly execute with traditional Robocopy command line functionality, but for many, having the options consolidated in a graphical interface may really simplify the process. Robocopy GUI also extends the functionality of the existing Robocopy tool in some very interesting ways. For example, this tool is multithreaded, allowing you to create a Robocopy script, execute it, and begin creating another one while your first script is still running.

Robocopy GUI includes a help file of its own, as well as an embedded copy of the full Robocopy reference guide. Robocopy: Développeurs: Microsoft: Dernière version: 6. Robocopy GUI in Windows is a robust, flexible, configurable tool, with over 80 switches. Microsoft Robocopy is an advanced copy tool0 with features like automatic resume of file transfer on error or during network disruption. Datum: Konnte man Robocopy bislang nur über die Commentaires.


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